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‘Based on Ecanomie’

by Tony Richards (University of Lincoln)

It incorporates Social networks and the emergence of the excessive world picture. This is now recognized as happening :

In this study aimed at uncovering the new economic logic of social networks, I concentrate on a substantial re-machining of Bataille’s notion of a sovereign‘accursed share’ of general economy to add a theoretical dimension that I propose to term‘


I will argue, the traditional moral-numerical restrictions of a hitherto dominant ‘economic housing’. The lodging here of  this portmanteau is coined to uneasily combine the previously separate concepts of ‘economy’ and ‘anomie’ into something that suspends the classical modeling of each. As well as converting these discursive positions of Bataille’s to the benefit of outlining this recent historical turn I will also be utilising Heidegger’s regional take on
[Bedeutung] to uncover the ‘concrete re-arrangements’ or re-configurations of embodied worldview that such ‘Ecanomie’ acts formally indicate oriental. Signification, it is argued, is not an abstract upper ‘layer’ or a mere outer‘ontic shell’ of representation, but a corporeal networked substance that works-overall individual compartments. I will finally explore this substantively through the optic of Derrida’s deployment of biopolitical ‘autoimmunity’, here in the concrete re-signification of ‘the suicidal’ within social networking ‘Ecanomie’ technologies of the self.
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